Why Do French Bulldogs Get Zoomies?

When your French bulldog gets the zoomies, it means he/she is going wild! Look for crazy eyes, a bent-over running posture, and multiple play bows. Dogs will act like this until you stop playing with them or if their energy is completely drained out of them. When your Frenchie has the zoomies, you have no idea what he’ll do next. He could be chasing his tail or running around in circles without any concern for where you are. If this happens to your pup and surprise is written all over his face, don’t worry – it’s completely normal! Dogs just want to show how happy they are when this happens with a little burst of energy called the “zoomies.”

French Bulldog Zoomies- The crazy episode of hyperactivity

Did you know that ‘zoomies’ have a professional term? The Frenetic Random Activity Period (or FRAP) is what scientists would describe as the crazy period of zoomies. The likelihood of frapping in a dog depends on its age, breed, and whether it’s more excitable. For example, younger dogs that need to release pent-up energy are the most likely to experience this behavior. However, it’s not unusual to occur in some laidback Frenchies too! French bulldogs can have zoomies if there’s an exciting event going on around them (like when you bring out their favorite toy) or even just because they feel full of energy.

What causes French bulldog zoomies?

Their favorite human at the front door

Frenchies may have zooming episodes when they see their owners entering the house. No one can get crazy for you like your pet. You’re his pack leader and his life depends on you. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to see your Frenchie running and zooming like crazy every day you come home from work. You might feel exhausted and you need an hour or two to get back to normal, but for your dog, the party can start immediately!

Bathing a French bulldog

We are quite sure that almost every dog parent knows that zoomies are a common phenomenon after their pets get bathed. Many times, this is because they want to dry off so quickly! Most dog owners only use towels for drying and might leave their coats damp afterward. Since some Frenchies never get used to baths, we’ll be able to see the sprints around the house as an effort to feel clean & dry again as soon as possible. This could also happen if your French bulldog becomes wet during playing outside or getting splashed by someone’s flower sprinkler nearby.

Feeling unleashed

Even though Frenchies love to follow the footsteps of their parents and behave as ‘velcros’ , they also want to taste ‘freedom’ from time to time. Therefore, next time you allow your pet to run and walk unleashed, don’t become surprised by his new episode of ‘zooming’. French bulldog zoomies are in most cases safe, and they usually last from 1 to 3 minutes.

Should you be afraid of your French bulldog zoomies?

A super speedy lap around the yard is just what your dog needs to get rid of all his excess energy. But if they’re banging into furniture and knocking things over, try directing your Frenchie’s energy outside. Allow your pooch to release his excessive energy in your yard or local dog park.

Losing all sense of control during the zoomies, or as many call them “FRAP attacks,” may lead to unpleasant suprises. You should immediately stop interacting with your Frenchie if any accident happens to avoid any injuries. If he’s not listening to you, then you can try encouraging him to calm down. However, keep in mind that it may take some time before he does so on his own accord. Daily exercise and training sessions are effective at keeping those pesky FRAP attacks under wraps!

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